ISSN: 2149-4363 | E-ISSN: 2687-6256
A research on the perception level of the success criteria of learning organizations among a group of physicians and nurses
1Istanbul Bilim University
Yildiz Social Science Review 2015; 2(1): 47-59
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According to results in research considering learning organizations the humankind's unused potential can be brought to light if employees achieve personal development. Making the continuous development a way of life will improve the performance of employees and the performance of the organization in particular. A company's philosophy based on continuous learning will lead to an advantage for the learning organizations, which constantly increase their abilities of directing their future in the competition. We believe that the `learning organizations' is a management model that should be employed particularly in the health care institutions. This way, each topic can be examined, tested for improvement and continuous development can be maintained. Thus, the purpose of our
project is to make the common vision, personal ability, learning in a team and systematic thinking accepted as basic skills and to de ne the perception level of the success criteria
of the learning organizations among the groups of physicians and nurses working in the health care organizations, which should be learning organizations. This project consists of two parts: a theoretical part and a fieldwork. The theoretical part uses scienti fic books, articles, and researches. As fieldwork, a survey veri es whether physicians and nurses attending learning organizations match the criteria of success. The survey is conducted
in a group of private hospitals in the city of Istanbul, Turkey.