ISSN: 2149-4363 | E-ISSN: 2687-6256
Redefining Organizational Culture for the Digital Age: A Model Proposal for Digital Organizational Culture
1Department of Management and Organization, Hereke Omer Ismet Uzunyol Vocational School, Kocaeli University, Kocaeli, Türkiye
2Institute for Aviation Psychology Research, İstanbul University, İstanbul, Türkiye
Yildiz Social Science Review 2024; 1(10): 54-71 DOI: 10.51803/yssr.1455398
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As technology breakthroughs and digital innovations continue to transform business environ-ments, traditional organizational cultures are frequently found insufficient in promoting the innovative thinking, agility, and resilience needed for long-term success. This article presents a comprehensive framework for rethinking organizational culture in the digital age. The pro-posed model is designed to help organizations navigate the complexity and take advantage of the digitalized economy’s opportunities. Based on Schein’s organizational culture model, this study thoroughly examines existing literature to identify the essential elements of a digital culture framework. The suggested model prioritizes incorporating digital tools and mindsets at all levels of the organization, creating an atmosphere that promotes experimentation, coop-eration, and a proactive approach to survive in the digital era. Furthermore, the study explores the crucial elements in promoting and integrating digital values, the function of human re-source practices in facilitating the growth of digital skills, and the influence of digital culture on achieving a competitive advantage in the digitalized economy. By highlighting the crucial interaction between technology, people, and organizational processes, this study seeks to as-sist organizations in redefining their culture to thrive in the digital era by offering practical insights and a structured framework.