ISSN: 2149-4363 | E-ISSN: 2687-6256
Japan's Digital Economy: A Way Forward for Economic Revivalism
1Department of Management, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
2Department of Economics, İzmir Demokrasi University, İzmir, Türkiye
Yildiz Social Science Review 2024; 1(10): 1-6 DOI: 10.51803/yssr.1458230
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The term “digital economy” refers to a variety of commercial and economic activities that rely on electronic communications and technology such as e-commerce and digital marketing. This trend promotes innovation and allows small and medium-sized businesses to penetrate global markets with little expenditure. Furthermore, digital data from online interactions provides insights into consumer behaviour, which helps with marketing tactics and product development. Despite Japan’s technological legacy, difficulties such as an ageing population and economic stagnation need the use of digital breakthroughs to stimulate growth. Empirical study demonstrates that the digital economy has a positive impact on industry restructuring in Japan. Regional disparities highlight the importance of specialized solutions, with govern-ment involvement critical, particularly in places lacking digital development. Future success is contingent on investments in talent and technology. Japan may achieve long-term economic development by adopting the digital economy and investing in human capital. As technolo-gy advances, Japan must adapt and innovate to remain competitive on the global stage. This necessitates continual research and development investments, as well as the promotion of an entrepreneurial and digital literate culture. Japan can solve its economic challenges by lever-aging its technology expertise and embracing full digital transformation. In light of issues like population ageing and economic stagnation, the study intends to explore how industry restructuring in Japan might be fueled by the digital economy. It highlights the crucial role that government engagement plays in mitigating regional differences and advancing specialized solutions.

Japonya'nın Dijital Ekonomisi: Ekonomik Canlanma için Daha İleriye
1Tohoku Üniversitesi, İşletme Bölümü, Sendai, Japonya
2İzmir Demokrasi Üniversitesi, Ekonomi Bölümü, İzmir, Türkiye
Yildiz Social Science Review 2024; 1(10): 1-6 DOI: 10.51803/yssr.1458230